Request A College/Career Day
Students may Request a College/Career Day to visit the college of their choice or to take an entrance exam etc. The same may be done in regards to taking career tests for various positions (ea. state employment testing). 

The process is outlined below and on the request form. The process must be followed fully for the request to be granted. 

In order to be granted a college/career day, do the following:


STUDENT completes Section A and takes it to the guidance counselor at least ONE WEEK prior to the scheduled college visit/job placement test. This must include Parent Signature.

STUDENT takes the approval form to his/her teachers IN ADVANCE, and arranges how and when missed work will be completed. Teachers initial in Section B that they have been notified.

COUNSELOR determines approval and signs Section C.

STUDENT takes completed form to ATTENDANCE OFFICE at least one day prior to the schedule college visit. ATTENDANCE OFFICE will log the absence in advance and return the form to student.

STUDENT takes form to college and has college official sign Section D, verifying his/her visit for that day.

STUDENT returns form to the ATTENDANCE OFFICE in order to have his/her absence verified and excused. Form will be filed in student’s cumulative record.

To download the form click on the link below:
College/Career Day Request Form